Matchless Stories for Matchless Living

Teaching by means of parables, Jesus wanted to hide and reveal truth at the same time.  The  hiding  and  revealing  is related to the fact that He confronted people with radical demands about their beliefs and live-style choices.   
The parables of Jesus are indeed like a sword with two edges.  Enlightening to the truth-seekers.  Blinding to the disobedient.  
Once He has revealed the truth with a parable, the attentive reader wonders
how anything so obvious could have been hidden. 
This book then, is the result of my quest to find the meaning and the application of the parables of Jesus Christ.  
I have captured the findings of this research in the title of the book: living according to the parables equals matchless living. There is no lifestyle that equals one of submitting voluntarily to God.  It paves the way for true-north-living. Here.   Now.  
And it is available for everybody.  
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