Communication Skills

It is lies that damage our relationships and our communication.

These simple rules for communication will always benefit both the speaker and the listener. When one talks like this, the listener and the speaker will be edified - and keep us on the track of the truth (which sustains and heals broken relationships). These  'rules'  for communication are recorded in the Bible (Eph 4:25 - Eph 5:2).

Rules for effective communication

Positive rules Negative rules
Speak the truth. Do not lie; put off falsehood.
Speak about what is good and edifying according to the demands of the situation. Do not become and stay angry or rage with anger.
Talk with friendliness. Do not use foul language, do not swear.
Talk with kindness and compassion. Do not talk with bitterness in your heart.
Talk with forgiveness in your heart. Do not slander when you address others.

Live your life with love.

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