Conflict Management

Some basic principles for conflict resolution include the following:

Make sure you know what you are angry about!

Talk to the person who is involved.

Choose an appropriate time and place for the discussion.

Don't bring up old arguments.

Avoid negative personal remarks and name-calling.

Talk about the problem and not about the other person.

Cool off and come back to continue the discussion.

Only include a third party in the discussion if the two or you cannot resolve the conflict on your own.

Listen to the other person's viewpoint. Be open-minded. Clearly indicate the following when you talk:

If you say that (repeat what he said), then it has this effect (say what effect) on me, because (say why it has that effect on you).   Is this (your goal) what you want to achieve with what you said?”

Strive for a win-win solution. Be ready to compromise.

Admit when you are wrong and apologize and ask for forgiveness.

Note your tone of voice!

Don't be aggressive – including in your body language.

Don't blame the other person for the situation.

Check out the Biblical foundation and instruction for these  'rules'  in Matthew 5:23 and Matthew 18:15-17)