Counselling Perspective

The counselling perspective we utilize to get you to the other side of trauma, brokenness and sin (that is to peace and tranquillity with yourself, others and God) entails the combined use of different communication strategies. 

These include the following:
  1. Tell the story where you are right now.
  2. Change the negative meanings of this story.
  3. Re-tell the same story with positive meanings.
  4. Change the misconceptions and negotiate 'new' values.
  5. Take responsibility for yourself (you are the expert on your own life).
  6. Remember - the problem is the problem (not you!).
  7. Take care of yourself and others (guard yourself against anxiety).
  8. Rebuild (re-image) and redirect your life as God wants it to be.
  9. You are the one that gives meaning to your own life's story.
  10. Negotiate / rebuild / reform the story of your own life.
  11. If it is clear that the trauma you have experienced activated more deep-seated issues, we will also assist you to discover where you might have deviated from the timeless God-given Biblical principles for sound living and assist you to rediscover and implement these guidelines for sound living again.

These principles are based on the way Jesus taught by means of parables.