Trauma Versus Peace

Personal relationships are devastated when people lie to one another or when they are traumatised by a criminal event. We can assist you to cut through the lies and through the traumatic experience and again bring your life back into balance.

People lie to protect themselves, because they do not know what the correct stand of affairs are, or to deceive others. People commit crime for various reasons, but the victims of crime experience the same type of trauma. Once a person has fallen victim to such lies or become a victim of crime with the resulting devastation of relationships, his/her ecometric functioning is compromised – that is, his/her functioning in his/her work- and living environment.

That person is broken and left with 

Barriers (that bound him and leaves him with a lot of baggage) that results in him feeling

Rejected (rattled and ravaged). This in turn fosters feelings of being

Offended (overlooked and oppressed) – he becomes hostage to feelings of being

Kidnapped (knocked-out to a place of the kamikaze-syndrome that life is not worth it). It all leaves him

Emotional (eluding and endangered) and he finally becomes

Negative (and feels not-wanted and a feels like a non-entity).

The Bible calls brokenness sin and traces back the origin of all devastation of personal relationships and criminal trauma, to sin (that is being in the wrong [rebellious] relationship with God and man).

But, these can all be repaired! The devastating lies must be uncovered and the criminal trauma be reversed. This is what we offer.

To achieve repair-ment of all these integrated and complicated brokenness, the whole story must be told and retold en re-interpreted in the light of the truth. This is the way to unburden the weight of emotional strain and to recover from devastated relationships.  The Bible calls this process confessing your sins to God and to one another.  This confession includes agreeing with God about what is wrong and with what He says is right.

This is what REPAIR offers: to repair your,

Relationships (with yourself, others and God)

Enthusiasm (for the quality of your life to return)

Personality (to enhance your personality and to re-arrange your priorities)

Accept (personal responsibilities and add new vision to your life)

Integrity (with honest introspection and self-insight into who you really are and could be)

Repent (about your own contribution to the devastation of a traumatised relationship and to reconsider reconciliation with God).

Relationships are restored when people (always!) speak the truth to one another and when they leave the trauma of crime victimization behind.

Because we have seen and experienced the life of traumatized people going (also) through these phases of broken(ness) and repair, we offer the following services to clients:

Crime trauma debriefing (hi-jacking, armed robbery, serious assault, family violence, etc.)

Crime victim support (forensic work like pre-sentence reports and victim impact statements for court cases)
Ecometric analysis and interpretation (to determine your current stronger and weaker areas of functioning)

We will assist you to move away from the lies to the truth, from devastation to elevation, from trauma to tranquility, from sin to salvation.

Lies and crime leave relationships broken. The truth repairs them.